Горя туры в венецию

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05.02.2017 Shaun Keenan

I pray that one day this show will be re set for blu ray release.

03.02.2017 José Augusto dos Santos

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02.02.2017 bluesandminis

The floyd are, were unique in their style of music. So many great pieces of music over the years. So thankful we have our hearing. Just imaging being deaf. Missing out on the beauty of music. So sad.

31.01.2017 Kush Coshic

Gilmour is the best guitar player of all fuckin time!

29.01.2017 tiomariotiomario

Best version ever. Dot. Period.

27.01.2017 Dr Mash You Upp

Who ever disliked any of there songs move on you nut bags pink floyd rules

25.01.2017 Cheung Fan

Came here for rachel fury. . . . What a beautiful woman

23.01.2017 nick cooke

Fuck he makes that guitar sing

20.01.2017 adrian muñoz

Nice song

19.01.2017 ivan nunes da costa segundo segundo nunes

Amo d . . Brasil

18.01.2017 Marck Martinez

Que placer dios mio! ! Gilmour es unico en el mundo asi como pink floyd. .

16.01.2017 Marck Martinez

Se me pone la piel de gallina. . .

13.01.2017 Jim Walcker

My favorite, thank you pink floyd!

11.01.2017 Said Serna

Muy buena musica dios guarde a mi to q gracias a el conoc esta musica

10.01.2017 John Skelton

I just love this song. I play it when i get in from work every night to remind why british music is the world s best. . . . . .

08.01.2017 Mightyena84

. . . Senza dubbio, la miglior versione di on the turning away. Grandi, null altro da dire.

06.01.2017 Philippe Palmiotti

Le plus grand titre des pink floyd! Un must!

04.01.2017 dennis neo

Every other guitarist on earth just threw their guitars in the garbage!

01.01.2017 Chad Barth

This is by far one of the most amazing songs ever recorded! So powerful and so deep and i love the lyrics starting at . . . I am trying to figure out how and where to have that portion of the lyrics tattooed. It s such a powerful message that everyone in this crazy, frightening world need to listen to and live by! ! !

30.12.2016 Chad Barth

I would not be surprised if when you enter heaven or whatever afterlife you believe in, the sounds of david gilmour shredding is not the music you hear. What this man can do on a guitar is awe inspiring and beautiful. That is the reason that along with alex lifeson, he is my favorite guitarist! ! !

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