Комбинированные туры монако

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21.08.2017 Jeremiah McMullen

Such a gorgeous car.

18.08.2017 Anonymuzz DxPeyZz

Ya pas une seul acclrations vive le putaclic

16.08.2017 Victor Nizet

Good job dude! A bientt sur les routes de monaco, je descend en abarth qui chante bien trs bientt

14.08.2017 Reda Barki

La rouge est superbe j hesite entre celle de khk et celle ka

12.08.2017 Jamboolio


09.08.2017 Best_ Of_ Cars_

Super poto je suis sur que tu va exploser en abos! ! !

07.08.2017 Hommiez 20


05.08.2017 AJ Franklin

You need a better camera this one does the chiron no justice

02.08.2017 marluce magalhaes

Lovely car! ! ! !

31.07.2017 Hansli Peterli

What are the french fags doing here, the car is worth more that your whole country.

29.07.2017 kokoloko12398

Titre putaclic mort. Et la chiron ne coute pas m abruti

27.07.2017 Aleksandar Gospić

Chiron looks so good from every angle, it s so mean, and it backs it up with brutal performance, crazy machine

25.07.2017 hymnofashes

Lame! It takes at least ten chirons to impress me.

19.07.2017 Lbolting005

I am the proud owners of both of these cars and i hope everyone enjoyed looking at it

16.07.2017 Kristian Brandt

I mean you could literally have this in any colour you like. . . . Why would you go with poo coloured carbon fiber? !


I think they are ugly. Tons of people would disagree but oh well. I don t like the design. I admire the engineering but they wrapped the engineering in a turd design. The whole size of it. The stupid crescent shaped from the a pillar to the top and down the the b pillar and to the rocker makes me want to puke. And the back looks like a pinched off dump. It looks like k. Might drive like k but over a million is dumb.

12.07.2017 Khademul Islam

Wow, that beetroot color is dope!

10.07.2017 NASA

Years from now this car will be worth

09.07.2017 Shakeel Khan

Vid get a new episode out

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