Туры это славянские

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20.08.2017 Dr. Fantomas

Hardcore life

18.08.2017 bLeAcH

I have never been more happy to be a true slav

17.08.2017 VV Games

Best vid

15.08.2017 Memories of You

Adidas car lol

12.08.2017 Teckzon

Those white shoes sowhat ?

10.08.2017 MrBLAG

Where did u buy the cove for the steering wheel? O. O

09.08.2017 Kidus Eshetu

Why do i find this relatable, i m not even slav xd

07.08.2017 Mr Wolfz

My car is a maluch. With a minigun on it

04.08.2017 Gamerx 24/7

I m gonna do this with my punto sx

03.08.2017 фаггот блядь

In what country is a vr a common engine for an old golf polo? Мать россия.

01.08.2017 фаггот блядь

Boris, give us some racing videos.

30.07.2017 BlueTurned9

Sank u blin king

27.07.2017 Infinity

Mama is soup ready

25.07.2017 LORD TACHANKA

How can you put on seatbelt on?

21.07.2017 Raphael Melo

Que carro chavoso

19.07.2017 KillSwitchSecurity


18.07.2017 French

I have a question! Is it okay to listen to red army choir music as opposed to hardbass in a slav car?

16.07.2017 Abhishek Guru

Omg funny as hell

13.07.2017 People need Love

It was all fun and jokes until i saw that it actually was a vr

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