Туры из новосибирска по россии санкт петербург

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02.02.2017 Eduard


01.02.2017 MaskedKane95

I need this music. If you replay with darude sandstorm i will hunt you down.

31.01.2017 laughingatyrfuneral

Tsarist trash

29.01.2017 cowpoke02

Always wanted to see saint. One day soon.

27.01.2017 Briz V

In our and paul fortess, artillery cannons are firing at o clock evrery day

25.01.2017 許榮堃


23.01.2017 Denis AMK

I love st. Petersburg from ukraine

21.01.2017 Nenad Filipovic

That photo at was magnificant with that rainbow on left

20.01.2017 Nenad Filipovic

Almost made me tears of joy how beautiful that is

18.01.2017 fardad parvaz

See our video

17.01.2017 miss sunshine

I really wanna go to st. Petersburg! ! ! Greetings from germany

14.01.2017 NEWS TINTUC

I want to translate this video into my language and post videos on my channel?

12.01.2017 Mazowiecki stary

Of course if you re going to visit russia you should go to moscow and saint petersburg. But to be honest these cities are not already russian i mean culture and people, they have a lot of similarities with european and american cities. And if you want to feel and learn russian culture, lifestyle and people you should go to towns and cities like pskov, veliky nowgorod, smolensk, vladimir and nizhny nowgorod.

11.01.2017 XxZara xX

Where i live. . . Well let s just say that buildings and cars and like modern which um. . . Girl nah

09.01.2017 john v

I travelled across different cities but st petersburg is best city in the world

07.01.2017 João Valério Jacinto

Simplesmente fantstico! ! ! . . . Uma beleza incalculvel!

06.01.2017 Aquarian Christianity

Greetings, russia! Mark, from no where usa

04.01.2017 Samarth Kumar

Difference between paris and petersburg, you wont find niggers and muslims in this city and its a pure gem appreciate russians to keep it niggers and muslims free city unlike paris where french girls are giving their pussy to niggers

02.01.2017 Mujtaba

Wow beautiful city. . Great architecture

01.01.2017 james seerasinghe

Ever since i had watched anastasia in my childhood i always loved to visit that breathtaking imperial capital

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