Туры манчестер из минска

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23.02.2017 DAVID PYPER

Was that manchester in lancashire uk ?

21.02.2017 Thiago Reis

You can spend as long as, elton john does not lose his talent, which remains the same as ever, with its excellent performance, an extraordinary and incredible perfectionism, if i remember correctly the height of his years

18.02.2017 Chuck Coan

I think it is new hampshire usa

16.02.2017 LeThayle

Is that tom petty on the guitar?

14.02.2017 Chrissy Hanula

God, this was such a good show. I was one of those people who camped out by the stage for hours to get front row and sang every word!

13.02.2017 Brandon Zakrzewski

Fuckin bonnaroo sucks. How ya gonnagimme feedback on your song? Won t be making it this year. . . Although ween is gonna be there.

11.02.2017 Karsten Voß

I love his music. Thanks so much.

08.02.2017 Wolfgang H

I didnt hear him for years. But in the s to mid s. His voice is anessentialblessing to his work his age changes noting in that regard. A genius.

07.02.2017 Tomas Correa

Sublime! ! !

05.02.2017 sargentrowell81

Ok, maybe i m just stupid, but are those guys on the cello s the guys from cellos?

04.02.2017 Rinco Simone

A very very rare glissando on the piano on levon. Elton never does it

03.02.2017 Ron Bradshaw

Image is awesome! But the recording engineer is an idiot! . Sounds like it was recorded in . . .

01.02.2017 Tim Doran

Myself and my bf got back together after being broken up at bonnaroo less than hours before this and we were both there together for this having the time of our lives. . . Thanks for posting this.

30.01.2017 lerata maphokoane


28.01.2017 Aaron Abas

Band intro happy birthday to stjepan dlts

25.01.2017 Douglas Baldez

Espetacular cara.

23.01.2017 Eliana Hermann

Oh my god! I love elton john and his musicians are the best just like him!

20.01.2017 GiornAldo ProfZolfino

Se ne parler molto un domani di elton ercole jophn velardiniellano e si vedr che la sua scuola mondiale

18.01.2017 Carlos Firme

A gravao est uma merda udio e vdeo sem sicronismo. Aprende primeiro e depois pblica.

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