Туры сейшельские остров цены на двоих

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18.05.2017 Anirban Mukherjee

Thank you sir. . The video was very helpful

15.05.2017 Final Drive Photography

Thank you. . . .

13.05.2017 nick pool

Great vid thanks

12.05.2017 Dream Tours Touristic GmbH

Thanks a lot for this presentation.

09.05.2017 Marcus G

Its not a place for a back packer. Im just saying for that hassle and time and money. I would suggest beaches in greece, caribbean, philipines, italy, south america, south pacific, and other parts. Africa etc places you can go with out being held in immigration for hours because you not carrying dollars per day. There are places that will let you in with a stamp in and out or even a visa on arrival but if you must visit seychelles be prepared they may turn you away. Their immigration is very strict even if you are staying a few days. You must have everything perfectly planned. All documentation and us dollars perday. Never the less, i enjoyed my stay friendly people, beautiful place.

06.05.2017 Prince Gupta

Is it expensive for a family of . We are planning a trip. We are from india. Is it cheap as thailand or expensive as dubai. Went to these places so know about them please help

05.05.2017 Narender Ranga

Thanks buddy quite a good information. . . . . . . .

03.05.2017 Dream Tours Touristic Hanau

A great video.

30.04.2017 Tikki Takka


29.04.2017 Muhammad.G Almana

Great info, , thanks

26.04.2017 Nandan Kumar

Thanks a lot ajay. . Very nice and informative. .

25.04.2017 dennis munga

Nice place am planning to visit that country

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