Туры в гаити тур

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11.03.2017 Cornjob McGee

So calm and beautiful, but that music makes me want to scream. You might consider matching the music to the scenery or leaving it out all together.

09.03.2017 Sim Park Observer

Wow, that water is amazing. I ll be taking a week cruise next year to the eastern and western caribbean. . . Can t wait to see places like this!

07.03.2017 FireCracker3240

This is amazing. Absolutely beautiful place. I must ask. . . Will there be a part ? There are some attractions that i would have love to have seen, namely that big blue water slide.

05.03.2017 Tom Servo

Aside from the employees i saw maybe black people in the entire video. It seemed very peaceful there. No one was blasting their boom box or getting loud and obnoxious.

03.03.2017 Kerry Shannon

This is insane! What camera do you use?

01.03.2017 Grand Boss

Viva haiti forever

26.02.2017 Marie Charles

Thank you for the gorgeous tour! Please, what camera sis you use to record this? The picture is stunning and i d like to record my memories of labadee when i go next year! Please and thanks again!

24.02.2017 SANA Smirnoff

Beautiful video! Thank you!

23.02.2017 Joe OConnor

Fantastic video you showed parts of the little island i haven t seen. . . Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did watching it great vid. . . Were heading here in april . . . .

20.02.2017 Rodrigue Jean Baptiste

L love you my country

17.02.2017 pierre jhon-lake

Thank you

16.02.2017 Tracey Mcgee

How long is thewalk from the ship to the beach passed the aqua park thanks

14.02.2017 ILZac12

Great video! ! ! ! What camera did you use. . . It s awesome! ! ! ! ? ? ? ?

12.02.2017 Ninsi Cabrera

Aburrido hay no tienen que llegar cruceros

11.02.2017 Monya Irving

Thanks for sharing this very nice video. It looks like so much fun. I can t wait to go on a cruise.

09.02.2017 neymar junior

The country probably poor but the land is wealthy.

07.02.2017 Jeff Daugherty

I remember when it was a tender stop now they have a dock. Cool

05.02.2017 Steven Page

Can you anyone please tell me the name, how to get to, the beach in the opening scene of the video at minute? And any other services they offer there, chairs, bar, drinks, food etc. Thanks!

02.02.2017 Wendy Harper

Terrible promotion film. Labadee is beautiful, but so are the haitians lovely, friendly extremely honest. They taught us far more, in one day, about haiti, its geography, culture creole lingo than royal caribbean have attempted in years. Your film seems to suggest that your own private holiday resort is devoid of haitians altogether. Shame on you.

01.02.2017 Zizou Beau

Simply beautiful

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